The Ultimate List of Quarantine Kits: for Stoners, Knitters, Boardgame Geeks & You

Enough advice on “what to buy for home quarantine“, besides the essentials, here are some kits that can really change your quality of life in confinement.


The THC-themed quarantine kit seems like a hilarious yet brilliant idea. If social distancing means lounging in my comfy socks, eating chocolate-covered snacks, while flipping through a cookbook on edibles, maybe it won’t be so intolerable after all.


It is not just about the yarn and the knitting needles, moreover, it is about the community. Shitthatknits came up with a quarantine kit that includes access to their knitting group on Facebook. Pretty smart move, don’t you say?


This one is going to get plenty of jealous looks! Because not all of us are lucky enough to have roommates or family members confined with us. However, if you are lucky enough to pull off a board game night, I would recommend adding “Pandemic” into that box.

for YOU

At the end of the day, we may reminisce about life before the COVID-19 outbreak, and crave for something familiar and comforting. Luckily, plenty of local restaurants now offer quarantine kits, sometimes even with bonus toilet paper. We are partial to this take & make pizza box, because pizza is irresistible, and cooking together is fun. (Plus, the restaurant is run by a friend). What’s more, in the current climate, it feels extra good to support the local small business whenever we can.

What would you have in your quarantine survival kit? Comment below to let us know!

Disclaimer: Quarantine Kitchen is NOT affiliated with any of the vendors, and is NOT profitting from any of the product purchase.

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