Quarantine Sunday Project Progress Report

Are you tired of feeling bored on weekends?

Here are some weekend projects that happened in the 1-bedroom apartment while being cooped up in Manhattan.

First, I planted some leftover spring onions.

You can see they are growing quite nicely, despite the pathetic amount of sunlight they are getting. They were planted on different days though (cuz obviously, they were used for different dinner lol). Did you know there is a long list of kitchen scraps you can regrow from? I found a list of 25, which is going to be one way to manage the compost pile before the recycling at farmer’s market goes back to normal.

Two weeks ago, I started making water kefir at home.

After blogging about the water fermentation trick, I was curious enough to give it a shot myself and liked it! I’ve been fermenting ever since 🙂

The sprouting experiment also worked.


I followed the technique outlined in the same post loosely, and I went for the broccoli sprouts for the health benefit of sulforaphane.

Today, I was watching Instagram Live & realized the importance of a cellphone stand. So here it is…

quarantine project: cellphone stand from the toilet paper roll

I know it’s silly but gets its job done. Hey, you don’t want to waste that roll of hard-to-find toilet paper, do you? 😉

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