Quarantined Easter Meal Ideas

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, yet we are still in quarantine mode! Without a family gathering, it would hardly make sense to serve a whole ham or a lamb leg, wouldn’t it? Plus, where are you going to get that ham or that lamb anyway? (Unless you have read about the deliveries and ordered ahead. In which case, good for you!) We have done some searching, and found some quarantine easter meal idea, with 5 ingredients or less.

Idea 1: Dig into Your Freezer & Make a Crustless Quiche

by Blair from theseasonedmom.com

Frozen spinach, eggs, milk, cheese, seasoning. Diced ham or bacon is optional, though recommended in reminiscing of the Easter tradition. Heck, Easter or not, this high-protein, balanced and delicious crustless quiche fits the bill for the perfect daily brunch. Get the detailed guide here. QK tally: 5 ingredients.

Idea 2: Crack Open the Cans & Cook Some Shakshuka

by taste.com.au

Canned tomato comes to the rescue, yet again! Not sure why the Aussies choose to use fancy words like “capsicum” instead of bell-pepper. However, rest assured, that this 5-ingredient shakshuka takes no more than bell-pepper, canned tomatoes, onions, eggs, and parsley. Well, to be honest, skip the parsley if you want, this protein and fiber-rich breakfast might just another all-time favorite. Here is the recipe; QK tally: 5 ingredients.

Idea 3: Dress Up the SPAM & Crisp Up a SPAM Steak

by PanlasangPinoy.com

Probably not the healthiest, but special time calls for special measures. Coat up some sliced SPAM with egg/flour/cornstarch, and let the crunch lighten up your ham-less Easter meal. Here’s the simple recipe. QK tally: 5 ingredients.

Idea 4: Soak Up the Veggies & Color the Easter Eggs

by organicvalley.com

Can you guess what made those eggs pink, yellow, and blue? Spoiler alert: beets (pink), turmeric (yellow), and red cabbage (blue)! Fully preserve this Easter tradition despite the deprioritized delivery of food coloring! Follow the detailed instruction here! QK tally: 1 additional ingredient/color.

Hope your Easter is as smooth as ever. Comment below to let us know what you are making this Easter weekend!

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