Quarantine Grocery Solution: Produce Boxes

Like a lot of us, your recent Amazon Fresh delivery might full of substitutions that made your dinner plan felt like a quickfire challenge (the potatoes showed up as my “cauliflower”). In some areas, you are lucky to snatch a delivery spot from a grocer that delivers amidst social-distancing before they are completely booked up (or, you might keep getting what I’ve been getting in the screenshot below). Worry not, we are navigating this space as well, and here are some alternatives we are trying.

Produce Boxes

There are several membership-based produce boxes now. If you are not familiar with the concept, here’s how it works: Each time (can be weekly or bi-weekly), you will get a box of produce, the weight of which depends on how much you choose to pay. The exact content can vary, similar to a conventional CSA box, which makes receiving them so much more fun. It’s like having Christmas every week!

fresh vegetables for quarantine grocery

There are plenty of unboxing videos online, and we would highly recommend that you take a look at those before signing up for any of the providers.

Misfits Market: discounted organic produce; weekly or biweekly box; 2 sizing options (the small box feeds 1-2; the larger box feeds 3-4); $4.99 delivery fee per box.

Imperfect Foods: discounted produce box, with organic options similar to Misfits Market. Recently, they offer $9.99/box add on for snacks, dairy or meat/fish. An additional new feature offers a short time window to add/subtract from the default items in the box. $4.99 delivery fee per box.

Farm Box Direct: local organic produce; minimum order: $38.95; $5.98 handling and packing fee per box.

We are excited to have two boxes on the way (one from Misfits and one from Imperfect Goods), and are happy to share our experience or discount codes. Please comment below if you are interested!

QK note: We are NOT affiliated with any of those entities, and thus will NOT profit from any of the clicks.

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