Quarantine & Chill — 3 Booze Deliveries Open Now to Calm Your Nerve

Well, it is a difficult time, and we could all use a splash of positivity. One thing we can be grateful for is what we are facing is quarantine, not prohibition. There are still quite a few apps to help you unwind at the end of the day (unless you are luckily stuck in Toronto with 30+ options).

full bar
bar scene (pre-quarantine)

First, a quick note on the QK Guinness Test:

Our team ran a quick test by looking for Guinness because it’s healthy. πŸ˜‰ We then compared the number of products, sizing options, and prices that each platform has for NYC.


beer, wine, and liquor; currently delivers to the 26 states in the U.S. and (randomly?) Alberta, Canada; $5 off upon newsletter sign up

Don’t worry, the service is still up and running. However, the ambitious claim of 1-hour delivery time is apparently compromised by the COVID-19 situation, because of a 450% growth of the customer base within 3 days!

the QK Guinness Test Result: 20 products; 3 size options (6 packs to collection bottle); $9.79 for a 4-pack


beer, wine, liquor, and mixers; currently delivers to the U.S. via local partnerships; with sales & discounts on the selected items; $5 off upon newsletter sign up

How is it impacted by coronavirus? The website apologetically states “Due to an increased order volume, some deliveries may be 2-3 hours delayed.” It’s OKAY mate, same-day is amazing!

the QK Guinness Test Result: 9 products; 5 size options (6 packs to kegs!); $13.8 for a 6-pack


beer, wine, and spirits; free 30-min delivery & no minimums; currently delivers to 13 regions in the U.S.; $5 off upon newsletter sign up

It is unclear how coronavirus has affected Saucy, besides the fact that their inventory seems to be quite low around some areas.

the QK Guinness Test Result: not available (!) Apparently the beers are all sold out in NYC? There is plenty of wine left though!

Other Options:

Let’s not forget that a lot of the grocery stores and wine clubs are still in operation. Some grocery services would also deliver beer so you could spare someone a separate trip!

Which app fills your cup? Comment below to let us know! Cheers!

Please note that the above list is ordered alphabetically, except for the first three where we grouped by the provider (Amazon). We are NOT affiliated with any of those entities, and thus will NOT profit from any of the clicks.

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