Juice Press’ Quick Pivot into Grocery Delivery

Many of the restaurants and bars are struggling as the battle against coronavirus continues. One cannot help but wonder: is there a way out of this?

It seems that the juice bar Juice Press has done exactly that — seeking the moment and launching the JP Grocery, and turning their existing asset (online ordering system, fruits & milk for juice making) into a new business opportunity.

As the youngest kid on the block and only serving limited area, we will yet see how its future pan out. In the short run, while many delivery services are facing a 7-10 days delay, JP Grocery might be positioned just perfectly to grab some market share, and we are happy to find one more option to fill our fridge and pantry.

Please note that we are NOT affiliated with Juice Press, and thus will NOT profit from any of the clicks.

What do you think of Juice Press’ move? Smart? Risky? Opportunistic? Comment below to let us know!

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