Over a Dozen Grocery Deliveries — from Whom Should I Order?

Newly added sources below!

What is the longest stretch that you have stayed in, with zero visits to the restaurants, zero pick-up from the eatery next door, zero drive-throughs, and zero trips to the grocery store? We are counting as the number of days is well into the double digits and still climbing. Our initial supplies are dwindling, and we have been encouraged to keep staying at home with the help of the national guard, so let’s have a quick look at the options to get more groceries in our door.

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Amazon Fresh:

groceries; included in Amazon Prime (formerly an add-on service); 1-hour delivery available

Amazon Prime Now:

groceries and other items from local stores; included for Amazon Prime member; 1 or 2-hour delivery window available;

Amazon Prime Pantry:

non-perishables only; included for Amazon Prime member;

Fresh Direct:

full range groceries; membership fee after free trial; same-day delivery available in selected areas


get regular fresh groceries and Asian snacks; no membership fee (optional membership option); ship to 48 continental states in the US; next-day delivery to NYC and New Jersey


shop from local stores; no membership fee (optional membership option); same-day delivery available;


non-perishables only + non-grocery items; no membership fee;

Juice Press Grocery:

organic snacks, soups, meals, juices, shots and staples in bulk (with bulk pricing); available in selected areas;


by Stop&Shop, shop how you would at your local store (including using coupons); next-day delivery available;

Public Goods:

sustainable non-perishables; a bit more pricy than your regular grocery store; annual membership fee;


similar to Instacart; annual or monthly fee; uses personal shoppers and can shop for non-grocery items; same-day delivery available

Thrive Market:

organic offerings similar to Amazon Pantry; annual membership fee; keep track of delays during COVID-19 pandemic;


scheduled pickup; delivery available in limited areas; shop how you would at your local Walmart

Viola! That wraps up our list of 12 grocery delivery options!

Which online grocer fills your quarantine kitchen? Comment below to let us know!

Please note that the above list is ordered alphabetically, except for the first three where we grouped by the provider (Amazon). We are NOT affiliated with any of those entities, and thus will NOT profit from any of the clicks.

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