3 Travel Ideas While Fighting the Coronavirus

There is so much anxiety and uncertainty in the air that we can smell it. Thanks to the “Coronavirus Tourism Bureau“, here’s to travel redefined during the coronavirus outbreak.

Take a Trip to Your Own Bathroom

take a trip to your own bathroom
by Jennifer Baer

QK interpretation: Wash your hands people, for at least 20 seconds! In case you need a refresher (kindergarten was a long time ago), here is a video tutorial.

Surf Your Couch

surf your couch
by Jennifer Baer

QK interpretation: This one is safe from coronavirus but exposes you to the danger of becoming a couch potato. Therefore, practice with caution.

Visit Your (ONE) House Plant

visit your house plant
by Jennifer Baer

QK interpretation: Very important for your sanity! If you lack a green thumb, here’s a list of 30 gorgeous plants that are almost impossible to kill.

Do you miss travel? How are you dealing with the quarantine? Comment below to let us know!

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